Thank you for your interest in publishing with Rose Hall Media Company. We are always seeking new projects (fiction and nonfiction) that can provide intellectual and/or spiritual nourishment to readers. Please do not contact us until you have a mostly-finished manuscript.

The following are basic guidelines for submitting your proposal to Rose Hall Media Company. Please include the following elements:

  • Proposal title. (Note that the title you propose may not be the final title.)
  • A 40-word description / sales pitch of the project
  • Two-to three paragraph description of the project—no longer than 1 page
  • Approximate length (in words, not in pages)
  • What is unique about the book? It is helpful to include a discussion of other published books in the field or genre and the way your work relates to them.
  • Intended audience. Discussion of who you think will buy and read the book (e.g., groups of people as defined by a common denominator, readers of a specific book and / or magazine, members of associations, etc.), and discuss and review it (e.g. reviewers, newspapers, journals).
  • Resume or C.V. with cover letter. This should explain why you are the best person to write on this topic.
  • Please send only e-mail proposals.
  • Please keep in mind that while the review of manuscripts is an assessment of the value of the ideas and writing, we must also, in fairness to you and your work, evaluate whether we are the most suitable house for your manuscript’s intended audience, given our current publishing plans.

We welcome unsolicited proposals and will try to get back to you in six to eight weeks. However, due to small size of our company and the unpredictable volume of manuscripts received we cannot commit to a certain time frame. Keep in mind that Rose Hall Media Company is not responsible for the return of any manuscript, nor do we guarantee a response. Further, in receiving a submission, we do not assume any duty not to publish another book based on a similar idea, concept, or story.

Email your proposal to