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Thursday's Cover

Thursdays at 2: Poems to gladden the heart. 

By the Poets of West Bay Residential Services. Edited by Tracy Lee Karner.  This little book will open your eyes to an important, mysterious truth: Although there are superficial differences in our appearances, abilities, thoughts and opinions, in our essential humanity all of us are very much the same. Read these heartwarming poems to bring simple pleasures into your day, or use the book as a tool for building deeper, more respectful relationships within your community, by writing collaborative poetry together. All royalties of this book go to support creative programming at West Bay Residential Services, Inc., an agency offering residential support and innovative day services to individuals with disabilities and medical needs in Warwick, Rhode Island.




Without Mom, With Spina Bifida by James Boucher is the true story of how a neglected, abandoned teenager with spina bifida grew into a well-loved role model and award winning poet. This heartrending and heartwarming tale of courageous survival will inspire people with disabilities, medical problems, and tough living situations to seek and accept help, while holding on to their hopes for a good future.




John Hope Settlement House: 1929-2005

By Thomas P. Whitten. The story of the John Hope Settlement House in Providence, Rhode Island, is an intricate web of relationships between people who catalyzed a city, on a mission to develop and support future leaders. This book recognizes and names the people who served, who inspired, who led, and who achieved remarkable successes.



Nearer to God

NTG cover image

by Ken and Tracy Lee Karner. Based on traditional Psalms, which have been prayed by God’s people for millennia,  Nearer to God teaches what to ask for and how to pray, in order to facilitate  physical and spiritual changes in your life and in the world.

This is not a theoretical treatise. It is a practical manual, designed to help you enter into prayer, to journey closer to God–today and every day, for the rest of your life.


Nearer to God Journal

NTG Journal cover image

by Ken and Tracy Lee Karner. As a companion to the book, Nearer to God, this journal is designed to lead you into the ancient practice of spiritual reading called Lectio Divina (pronounced LEX-ee-oh di-VEEN-ah). It shows how to contemplate scripture while preparing you to listen to the “the small, still voice of God,” –the Holy Spirit’s directions for your life and your relationship with God as contained in the word of God.





Coming Soon!

Pork Chops with the Sentinels of Azatan by Joseph E. Lille and Tracy Lee Karner